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The story of the anti-social teenager

The story of the anti-social teenager

The story of the anti-social teenager,- This story is just fiction and not a personal experience. If there is a name and the exact same scene to the experiences of readers, maybe it was just a coincidence, if there is equality of the story even though it's fiction, it is surely only a remarkable coincidence.

So this tells the story of a teenage boy high school student who did not have a purpose in life. She only went to school and after school he would go straight home. The young men we call him Junior, so that the story is more readable and lightweight to be understood.

We return again to the story. Junior who come to school every day, did not ever hang out with his friends, he prefers to be alone and spend time break with a book in the library alone. Junior is very anti-social is not without reason to be a loner, he has the experience of being betrayed by classmates of his in junior high, so that's why Junior did not want to socialize with a high school friend of his, perhaps because trauma makes Junior would rather stay away from the environment and to be anti-social, but as human beings, would be very difficult if life without social interaction, especially for teenage student.

Over time, Junior managed to climb to 3rd class with a mediocre grades. But anti-social attitude is getting worse, it was also recognized by his classmates and the guardian class, his classmates had tried to approach the Junior, but Junior instead abstain. One day Junior summoned by the guardian class, his homeroom teacher was told Junior to join the activities of extra curricular and hopes Junior could mingle with high school students more, but Junior refused to join extra curricular these, but the guardian class that continues urged Junior to join the club extra curricular and Junior was finally forced into the club joined the extra curricular.

In this story we describe the guardian class in accordance with my fantasy concocted this story, what if we describe the guardian class is a teacher of young women aged 26 years old and single, with a pretty face with straight black hair long and sexy body, I would fantasize the woman has a sexy body similar to AKB48 member Haruna Kojima, if the problem simply fantasize own face shape.

We go back to the story. Junior goes into the classroom which is where activity club is located, after the entrance and open the door, Junior only see the high school girls who are doing activities club, apparently the club is a club gathering social media, where these activities are making news and school information disseminated to social media so that other students who know information about the school of social media announcements published by the kids club.

In real life certainly can not be a club like that, but I myself wish there were such a club, for example, there was a twitter account which contains all the news of the school, the students can know at school news updates from the account. In the current era of social media has become a part of life, especially for teenagers, so if there is a club that works share school news to social media, it will greatly help the students to know the news and information announced by the school, such as announcements off suddenly because the teacher was in a meeting, the students could tell just look at the status of social media that reported by the club.

We return again to the story. Junior, go to class the club activities and introduced himself, then Junior said that the reason he joined the club activities for the guardian class who send him.
Apparently, this will be a very long story, it should be I will immediately tell the climax of the problem so that it becomes a short story.

Junior join the club and in the club only Junior boys are the only ones who joined the club activities. Day-to-day activities of the club passed, it seems now Junior has started to mingle with fellow his club, and according to reports, it turns out Junior is a person who is very responsible and trustworthy in these activities, then the result is the chairman of the club, being a girl popular in high school, a little attracted to Junior.

The club chairman girl we call her Rose because Rose is very familiar name to the name of someone who is not his real name. Roses are the most popular girl in high school. She is a smart girl, gorgeous, and was dubbed the "Ice-cold Beauty" because of his cold. She comes from a wealthy family. Due to its popularity among men, most girls envious of her, and then isolate it, so she only had a few friends. She recognized Junior as anti-social students ranging from grade one high school, but that did not make the Rose so concerned, she only considers Junior as the person she knew but that does not mean Junior is her friend.

Part of the Junior makes Rose a little interested only Junior apathetic attitude in front of people but care when others do not see, probably Junior attitude like that is what makes Rose a little interested.

One day, activity club was having a very difficult problem. The problem is that the club can no longer perform usual activities of the club, because the club's good name is being contaminated, due to the news on social media stating that the information published by the club's social media offensive to some extra curricular club more.

The problem is getting serious and the club is threatened terminated by the student council. Then Rose is a chief responsible for news that makes the extra curricular offended and explained everything in social media, ultimately misunderstandings can be resolved. But it seems that another problem has come, it is due to the attitude of Rose who explained everything in social media, because it should have this kind of problem should be solved by means of a direct meeting, then the result is that club in hate by some other club.

Junior heard that his club was hated, even the popularity of the Rose was endangered. Junior who initially did not care decided to do something to keep his club's good name and the good name of its chairman could come back clean.

Junior planned to make the club activities involving all other club, his plan was to hold a few small races. Committee activities are all club extra curricular in the schools and of course these activities are supervised by the council, due to school activities will run smoothly if the council would also agree with these activities, the teachers and the other school would not object if the council which oversees the activity.
Long story short, the event went smoothly and the relationship between the club rebounded, indeed at the initial stage, cooperation between the club look awkward especially at club social media, but over time and some special approaches between the club during the activity, it makes the club more feel social media club were innocent and did not hate the other club.
The activities to be successful because everything is working hard on a plan Junior, but Junior alleges that the Rose is the one who makes the activities of the school to be successful, but Rose did not do anything, except encourage Junior while confused why Junior can do this.
Rose feel helped by Junior, Junior finally dared to question the feeling against her. When Rose questioned the reason Junior was doing this, and if Junior did all this because there is a feeling of the Rose? But it turns out Rose wrong, Junior helps restore the good name of the club his for the collective interest and indeed he also was part of the club members social media, then the reason Junior wants to restore the good name of Rose is because Junior did not want to see Rose experienced the same thing as himself , Apparently Junior just does not want to see it become a bad reputation of its chairman, and eventually others do not trust Rose again, because Junior know if something like that happens, then Rose will be very sad and could caused her become anti-social person like himself. It kindhearted person named Junior.
I also hope in this story, Junior and Rose can establish relationships not only limited to friends, courting for example. But the attitude is still the same anti-social Junior, Junior did not expect to get a reply or any of Rose, it means Junior wholehearted help Rose really sincere and reasoned just want to help without expecting anything.
In this story we can take some valuable lessons. If we have understood this brief story, it would be very wise if we could take a good thing to do from the example of Junior attitude in this story.

For closure, in the end the story Junior make a quote and to share in the social media, Junior wrote a phrase his heart that everyone else in his high school to know and understand the reason Junior became a loner.

Here is his quote :

Adolescence is where we can play and share stories with friends, but for the person who has experienced the pain of teen promiscuity, then adolescence is something very silly and did not give any meaning.
Those who enjoy adolescence, enter into relationships in their social interactions, they themselves still can not figure out what they themselves were. Those with happy enter into social relationships that they themselves do not understand what they committed relationship, whether it's called friendship, or just friends in regular school hours? If they were just friends during school hours, they are not a reliable friends, but they will immerse themselves in the recognition of others, the intention is that they only pretend to be someone else happy and willing to accept them.
Then they experience a failure or problem in their relationship, but they are enjoying adolescence, would only say that it is part of their memories.

We see the current juvenile delinquency, fights, bullying or bully, even having sex outside of marriage, they'll just assume it was fair because it is a juvenile. Then they get a bad test score for error those who do not want a serious study at school, then they would deny it by saying, "The school is just a place to learn".

If adolescence alone had violated the norms of existing society, then the future of these young people would like what? It does not matter what the future will be like, but to believe him they want a bright future, but what is done at the time of adolescence, will largely determine their future.

So essentially, they regard the disability or badness of the act, only their ordinary delinquency in adolescence, while the failure of the consequences of their actions are considered as part of the beauty of adolescence. And they claim that everything is not the result of the teen years, just as the failure itself.

Done, ...

The above story is a fiction and the idea of the story above is only my own fantasy.


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